Download the Application

Not sure where to begin? Take a look at the application requirements and see which exam is right for you. Then, download an application from our website, fill it out and assemble any required documentation.


Submit Required Documentation

Next, you’ll need to submit the application documents via e-mail or fax.  Your application will be approved within 3-4 business days. You will receive an e-mailed approval letter with information about scheduling your online examination.


Schedule Your Exam

Once your application has been approved by the board and you have received written confirmation, you can schedule your examination by visiting “Schedule Your Exam” on the website.


Take the Exam

After you’ve prepared for your exam, it’s time to take it! Our exams are moderated using an online proctoring service. Depending on the exam, there will be 125-165 multiple choice questions to answer within 4 hours. Within 3-4 weeks of successfully passing your examination you will receive your certificate.


What designation may I use after passing the exam?2019-08-05T17:58:17+00:00

Physician Certification in Hyperbaric Medicine:
Once you’ve passed your PCHM examination you will want to apply for fellowship with the American College of Hyperbaric Medicine (ACHM). Upon being granted fellowship status, you may use the designation FACHM / Fellow Of The American College of Hyperbaric Medicine.

Physician Certification in Wound Care:
Once you’ve passed your PCWC examination you will want to apply for fellowship with the American Professional Wound Care Association (APWCA). Upon being granted fellowship status, you may use the designation FAPWCA / Fellow Of The American Professional Wound Care Association.

Certified Hyperbaric and Wound Specialist:
Once you’ve passed your CHWS examination you may begin using the designation CHWS – Certified Hyperbaric and Wound Specialist.

Certified Skin and Wound Specialist:
Once you’ve passed your Certified Skin and Wound Specialist examination you may begin using the designation CSWS – Certified Skin and Wound Specialist.

Certified Hyperbaric Specialist:
Once you’ve passed your Certified Hyperbaric Specialist examination you may begin using the designation CHS – Certified Hyperbaric Specialist.

What is the passing rate for my examination?2019-08-05T17:57:48+00:00

In order to pass any of our examinations you must obtain a 60% or greater.

What materials can I use to prepare for the exam?2019-12-17T19:29:05+00:00

We have a list of suggested study materials on our website, please visit: Preparing for Your Exam

How long is the exam?2019-08-05T18:03:26+00:00

You are given a period of 4 hours to complete your examination. Each examination is multiple-choice.

  • The PCHM examination is 160 questions.
  • The PCWC examination is 165 questions.
  • The CHWS examination is 150 questions.
  • The CHS examination is 125 questions.
  • The CSWS examination is 135 questions

If you do not complete your examination within the 4 hour time limit you will be logged out and your score will be calculated.

Where are the examinations offered?2019-08-05T17:55:21+00:00

All ABWH examinations are offered online for your convenience. The examination is proctored using a webcam based proctoring service. In order to take your exam online you’ll need to use a computer with a webcam, microphone, and standard internet connection. We strongly suggest using Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge browsers.

Once a year the examination is held in person in conjunction with the AWPCA National Clinical Conference. Please visit APWCA.org for a conference schedule.

Failing and Retaking the ABWH Examinations2019-08-05T18:44:59+00:00

If on the first attempt the examination is failed, the applicant is allowed one re-test any time within one (1) year’s time frame.

If on the second attempt the examination is again failed, the applicant must wait six (6) months before retaking the exam. The applicant should take this time to re-study. The applicant must resubmit the re-examination fee associated with the exam.

If on the third attempt the examination is failed, the applicant cannot test again for one (1) year. The applicant must submit the following:

1) The ABWH Examination Application
2) Six (6) Continuing Education Credits
3) The re-examination fee associated with the exam

This will be the applicant’s FINAL opportunity to pass the examination.

Re-Examination Fees:

  • The PCHM re-examination fee is $125
  • The PCWC re-examination fee is $125
  • The CHWS re-examination fee is $25
  • The CHS re-examination fee is $25
  • The CSWS re-examination fee is $25



The American Board of Wound Healing (ABWH) serves to maintain and improve the quality of wound management by evaluating professional, clinical and educational standards of practice by using an examination process which is designed to assess the medical knowledge, judgment, professionalism and clinical skills required to provide quality patient care in the fields of Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine. The intent of the initial certification and the maintenance of certification of wound management specialists in the United States and internationally is to provide assurance to the public that a clinician who has been granted a Certificate of Added Qualification has demonstrated high levels of clinical competence.